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About Riddim Clothing Los Angeles

Riddim Clothing Los Angeles was established in early 2017 by Jairo Correa & Jesse Aragon, two bass heads that wanted to create EDM rave & streetwear that fit the fast growing bass music culture. Soon after they were joined by the talented Joseph Monzon, the lead graphic designer & photographer with a keen sense of fashion. Together they saw an opportunity in innovating a marketplace that has not yet been tapped into except by popular DJs who created their own merchandise, but a leading EDM rave clothing company has not yet been established. 

The name Riddim was chosen not only because of the filthy underground dubstep behind the word; Riddim represents the underdogs. The heavy bass music that is often misunderstood for its wubz and unorthodox sound has been gaining a lot of popularity in the EDM scene but still considered to be underground. It is through this brand that we hope build awareness to the music and raise its popularity. It is for the love of music and the culture we share that drives this company.